EA Trillionaire (Nostradamus) Original
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EA Trillionaire (Nostradamus) Original



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EA Trillionaire (Nostradamus) Original usually cost 2500$.

The robot uses price action and an advanced algorithm that isn’t elaborated on to create perfect entries. There are both fixed and trailing stop losses built into the EA Trillionaire (Nostradamus) Original software to ensure consistent profits.

What is TrillionaireEA?

  • EA Trillionaire (Nostradamus) Original is above all a powerful and highly profitable forex robot build for MetaTrader 4 platform that trades completely on autopilot.
  • It is:
    • capable of creating consistent profits for years to come, with the smallest drawdown possible and it is going stronger than ever with our improved trading algorithm.
    •  not trading on the grid, and it does not martingale.
  • It uses price action with advanced algorithms for perfect entry, fixed stop loss, and intelligent trailing stop loss to make the most profits out of every move.


Store Expertadvisor EA-Trillionaire-Nostradamus-Original-555x135 EA Trillionaire (Nostradamus) Original

The robot trades the M1 time

Store Expertadvisor EA-Trillionaire-Nostradamus-Original EA Trillionaire (Nostradamus) Originalframe in all trading sessions. It won’t trade every single day but when it does trade it’s suppose to open over 50 trades per day on average. Their myfxbook contradicts this statement as it shows just 97 trades in an entire month of trading.


Store Expertadvisor EA-Trillionaire-Nostradamus-Original-1-555x265 EA Trillionaire (Nostradamus) Original



  • Timeframe: M1 ONLY
  • Recommend Pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD
  • Profitability: 100% – 1000% Monthly
  • Broker: AnyBroker With ECN Account Suport
  • Running this forex EA on a VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – NewYorkCityServer)
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