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EA Hyperboloid Multi Original is a multi – currency EA that is a grid robot. Works simultaneously with six currency pairs. Enters the market when the Buy and Sell market orders receive it from the indicators built into it . If the price goes against, the EA will start to open a grid of orders, increasing the lot size, relying on the Lot Multiplier parameter , through the distance specified in the Distance, points parameter , if this is confirme by a signal from the built-in indicators

The EA Hyperboloid Multi Original uses a peculiar method of averaging: TakeProfit moves to the price of the last open order by the distance specified in the Take Profit, points parameter.

This robot usually cost 200$.

Store Expertadvisor EA-Hyperboloid-Multi-Original-480x360 EA Hyperboloid Multi Original


The adviser also provides work with trailing and closing of all open positions upon reaching the percentage of profit or loss specified in the settings

The Expert Advisor can be use both for trading on one pair or several at once. You need to install the adviser only on one chart with any currency pair and for any trading period. He will trade for those pairs and for the period that will be specifie in the settings

Due to work with six currency pairs, the minimum drawdown level is achieve, as profitable orders always overlap unprofitable ones. But pairs should be selecte in such a way that the price movement is multidirectional, or so that they are not tie to the same currency, for example, USD. You can use, such a set: USDCHF, EURGBP, AUDNZD, EURCHF, NZDUSD, AUDCAD


When testing in the strategy tester, the tests will be carrie out only on one, the current pair. Because MT4 terminal doesn´t support testing for multiple currency pairs at the same time

Be sure to first put the adviser on a demo account. Trade on it for a while to understand how the adviser works and calculate possible risks!

By default, the adviser sets the optimal parameters for the M5 period, which can be changed in the settings. EA Hyperboloid Multi can be installed on any period and on any currency pair. but it will only trade on those trading instruments and use the time frame specified in the settings.

Its recommend Running this forex EA on a VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – NewYorkCityServer)


Store Expertadvisor EA-Hyperboloid-Multi-Original-1-555x163 EA Hyperboloid Multi OriginalStore Expertadvisor EA-Hyperboloid-Multi-Original-2-555x256 EA Hyperboloid Multi OriginalStore Expertadvisor EA-Hyperboloid-Multi-Original-3-555x187 EA Hyperboloid Multi OriginalStore Expertadvisor EA-Hyperboloid-Multi-Original-4-555x175 EA Hyperboloid Multi Original

Working with EA Hyperboloid Original

Tool==>Option==>Expert Advisor==> https://ea.exforex.su/


Store Expertadvisor EA-Hyperboloid-Multi-Original-5-542x360 EA Hyperboloid Multi Original

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