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EA HFT Arbitrage Original is a trading system based on a backlog of data feed, usually cost $499. EA HFT Arbitrage Original To work successfully, needs a faster data feed agent and slow forex broker where data feed lag.

Data feed lags occur because of the operation of the software error broker and problems on its server. Just the broker can use the bridge (Bridge), which connects it with the liquidity provider. In this way, data feed may also be breaking.

Especially on time of the release of important news, analysts rating agencies, changes in economic data, and so on, can we see a noticeable difference in the data feed.

HFT Arbitrage EA receives data feed every millisecond from Saxo Reader (Global Trade Station2) and compares them with the prices in the terminal broker. When there is a backlog of data feed, expert arbitrage trading algorithm starts trading and allows to obtain the maximum profit from each signal.

The following describes the basic concepts, knowledge of which is necessary when working HFT Arbitrage EA.


How ARBITRAGE Technique Works

If you are not a beginner in Forex, you probably noticed more than once, as the price of the same financial instrument on a single broker differs markedly from another broker And later equalized prices on both brokers. This is particularly noticeable at the jump volatility, important news, and sometimes in a quiet market.


Why is that you ask? Everything depends on the liquidity provider. Each broker has his own. That’s why there are gaps (hovering) quotations. Another reason is the imperfect transmission algorithm quotations in MT4. Brokers to interact with the liquidity provider use Bridge, which is significantly delayed transfer of data (quotes). Of course, you will not notice this lag on the eye. It is too small, and especially do not have time to enter the trade. Therefore, only A robot able to make a profit.

Arbitrage opportunities (Arbitrage Forex) is 100% profitable position that allows you to install a large lot size and a small stop loss. So do not be surprised when Arbitrage Robots has 100-500% profit in 2-3 days and a massive risk to the transaction. But not as easy as it seems. The broker is not like how high-frequency experts work, and in most cases, the broker pays the profit out of your pocket, so it prevents all the ways this kind of trade.

A simple summary of this is the Arbitrage technique allows you (Robot) to look into the future for fractions of a second . because of the latency of the broker


User Guide (IMPORTANT)

STEP 1 – (Chose A Broker)

We recommend You to Open an account  in a slow forex broker where data feed lag.

STEP 2 – (Chose a VPS)

This isn’t a requirement you can run it on your pc but its good to run it on VPS

Recommended VPS Configuration

CPU: 1.5 GHz OR Higher (one or more processor cores).
2 / 4 GB of RAM or higher (more RAM = more Performance and more MT4 terminal can be used).
HARD DISK Space 25 GB or higher.
OS (Operating System) Windows Server 2008 SP 2 VPS is the most optimal & recommended for Our HFT advisor Or Windows Server 2012 VPS will also work.
Our Recommended VPS Provider NewYorkCityServer 

Step 3 – (How to Install)

  1. Install Drivers Adobe Flash Player, install Java latest Version and Enable Java, vcredist. (Some files included in the driver folder. if not found then search these file in Google and install updated version on VPS). Install MT4 also. After installation of Drivers, Once Restart the PC/VPS for best results.
  2. After Driver Install, restart the VPS, Now Install GlobalTradeStation2_webdeployor.exe software from Folder.
  3. Open GlobalTradeStation2 and In order to connect to Saxo Bank, you will need a login and password.
  4. Open a Free SAXO account HERE. You will get the ID in Your Email. Account validity is 20 days.
    • You can renew it for another term by “Forgot Password” method every 20 days. It’s always Free to renew.
  5. Enter Username and Password in Global trade station2 or Saxo Trader software. Now Click Login.
  6. Click on “Later” when it Ask Upgrade/Update. Please Never Click on Update else Reader/EA will not work.
  7. Important: Click Enable Trading while Login, then clicks on Forex & all Region if asked.
  8. Then you have to click Forex Orders (Recommended Pairs – EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, EURGBP, USDCAD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, etc. You can also select which Low spread pair you want to trade). Forex Order is on Upside left-hand side in Order Ticket (see Image of Saxo global trade station2 below)
    Store Expertadvisor Annotation-2020-07-19-173854-555x348 EA HFT Arbitrage Original
    9. Then Right Click on Reader & Click Open as Administrator and click Get Pairs & click start and it will feed datalike this above image. (If don’t see then check installation steps again or reinstall the GTS2)


Step 4 – (EA Setup & Settings on MT4)

  1. Run the Metatrader4 platform and log in to your Demo or Real account.
  2. Go to File> Open Data Folder > Copy & Paste .dll file in Libraries and HFT Arbitrage EA.ex4 file in Experts folders.
  3. Go to Options > Expert Advisors and Tick on Allow DLL Imports. (It’s Very Important)Store Expertadvisor HFT-Arbitrage-EA-518x360 EA HFT Arbitrage Original
  4. Restart the MT4 and follow as below: You will see the list of HFT Arbitrage EA under Navigator>Expert Advisor menu in the left

Store Expertadvisor HFT-Arbitrage-EA-1-555x348 EA HFT Arbitrage Original


  • Open EUR/USD M1 Candle One 1 chart only. No need to open many Pairs charts. The chart should be clean from any other Indicators/Lines. Please remove/delete all waste things from Chart before attaching the EA.
  • Attach EA on EURUSD chart Only and EA will Trade on all pairs which you selected in Global Trade Station. Just make sure all pairs are showing in the Market Watch window in MT4. (To see hidden Pairs Right Click on Pairs list and select “Show All” in Market Watch)

5.Now Attach EA to Candle chart of EURUSD M1. Common TAB > Tick on all options of Dll allow / Imports in EA also.



Store Expertadvisor HFT-Arbitrage-EA-2 EA HFT Arbitrage Original

  • MinUr – Recommended value minimum 3 or 4 (its Profit Pips from Feed)
  • Slippage – 0.0 (it will be always 0 Zero) don’t enter another input number
  • Lots – 0.01 or anything if You want
  • Lots Percent – Lot on % from the deposit (I recommend 5 to 40) (Put 0 if want fixed Lot size)
  • Max_Lots – You can change it as per your preference. (it can be used for fixed Lot Size also)
  • NTrades: (It means max trades on per pair) You can set it as per your choice. We recommend it 3)
  • Account – Enter your Live or Demo Account No. to initiate the EA


TP and SL will be hidden. Don’t change any other things. All things remain default/unchanged. (Settings/Inputs will be same as above for all brokers, No individual Set files are provided for each broker)


Store Expertadvisor HFT-Arbitrage-EA-3-555x104 EA HFT Arbitrage Original

Don’t forget to Enter your Live or Demo Account No. here, Or EA will not work



Store Expertadvisor HFT-Arbitrage-EA-4-555x228 EA HFT Arbitrage Original



If You don’t see selected Pairs on the chart then please go to “Market Watch” window on the Left side of MT4 &right click and click on “Show All”. You will see all pairs on the chart which you selected on Global Trade Station2
and Reader.


You can use this EA on as many as MT4 terminals simultaneously on each VPS. But for Best results, We recommend to use 3 – 4 MT4 Accounts terminal on 1 VPS of 2 GB RAM & 6 – 8 MT4 on 1 VPS of 4 GB RAM above.

Don’t install unnecessary Softwares in VPS like Team Viewer, Anti-Virus, etc. as it could slow down VPSSpeed & It may lead to low performance with any EA. Every EA requires free & faster environment of VPS to
perform better trades execution etc

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